So apparently Goodwin Liu worked on Ginsburg’s dissent in Bush v. Gore

September 1st, 2011

And according to¬†RBG, it was “exemplary.”

Kay said Ginsburg didn’t tell her how much Liu had contributed to her dissenting opinion. But she indicated his contribution went beyond the written word.

“She said he was one of the best law clerks she ever had,” Kay said. “She didn’t know if she could have managed to get through the struggle within the court over that case if he hadn’t been there to help lend a steady hand.”

I also didn’t realize that Ginsburg did not write “I respectfully dissent.” She just wrote, “I dissent.”

I was 16 in 2000, and really didn’t pay too much attention to politics, let alone the Supreme Court. I doubt I could have named 6 Justices in 2000.