Krugman Alert

August 27th, 2011

Let’s see if the¬†Keynesian¬†Nobel Laureate at the Times writes some column how the (potential, hopefully negligble) damage caused by Hurricane Irene on New York City is a positive event it will create spending and benefit the economy.

As an aside, today I told a friend that I was blogging for myself this year, such that no one can see it. She asked why. I told her, I blog for myself, not for an audience, I just like doing it. She thought I was nuts, and said that all my posts would be outdated. Perhaps. This post in particular will likely be totally irrelevant in a year.

But will it? No. Krugman will still be writing at the Times, no matter how wrong he is. Creating a record of his epic failure is helpful for my future writings.

Anyway, I sincerely hope the forecasts are wrong. Staten Island is going to get slammed, and my parents are not evacuating at all. Sigh. I’ll pray.