Rent Seeking for Hurricane Irene

August 26th, 2011

How should the Virginia Beach prepare for Hurricane Irene? Put down sandbags? Gather supplies and bottled water? Evacuate? Psh. Nah. Rent seek.

From the BLT, an article titledĀ Virginia Beach Retained Lobby Shop for Hurricane Protection, but Irene Still Advancing:

As Virginia Beach prepares for Hurricane Irene, residents might be curious to know that the city has been paying a Washington lobby shop to advocate for hurricaine defense projects.

Alcalde & Fay has lobbied federal officials on issues related to hurricane defense since 2008, according to congressional records. The coastal city located in southeast Virginia paid the firm $560,000 from Jan. 1, 2008, to June 30, 2011, to lobby on matters including money to fund ongoing hurricane protection and beach protection projects. . . .

Virginia Beach has received assistance from the federal government over the last 10 years in its efforts to fight beach erosion. In 2002, the Army Corps of Engineers helped Virginia Beach complete a sand replenishment project that the group said saved the city about $82 million in damages during Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

Hey, the Feds really helped New Orleans when a Hurricane hit a few years ago, right? Right?