Justice Ginsburg: “My new colleagues are not shrinking violets. I think Justice Sotomayor in particular is giving Justice Scalia a run for the money.”

August 19th, 2011

And is that a good thing? To echo a point I made last year, does the left really want a liberal Justice Scalia?

For the possible negative consequences of an aggressive Justice, look no further than Justice Scalia. Surely, Scalia’s rhetoric has done nothing to shift Kennedy, and previously O’Connor, to the right. If anything, it has pushed them away. President Bush did not even consider him for Chief for these reasons.

Why would anyone think that Sotomayor doing her best Scalia impression would bring Kennedy to the left? It could even have the unintended consequence of pushing him the other direction, especially with a tactful Chief Justice at the helm of One First Street assigning opinions.