Yes, even in my dreams I am publishing articles and searching WestLaw

August 3rd, 2011

So last night (or this morning?) I had this bizarre dream. I was shopping an article around, and a secondary journal at the University of Chicago Law School, with a really odd name (like the Chicago Law Review Journal of something) was interested. Except the editor in Chief was (one of my favorite rappers) Rick Ross. For some reason, I actually visited the campus and was talking to the editorial staff. I remember looking at the qualifications of the editors, and noted that only one had a district court clerkship. Regardless, they somehow ¬†convinced me to place my article there (Ross is the Boss). After placing the article, I emailed (yes I have my droid in my dreams) Ilya Shapiro, who went to Chicago, and asked him for a good place to eat. He sent me a list of like 8 places (I think I went to a Thai place, but left because I didn’t like it).

Anyway, fast forward in the dream, and I am doing some research in the WestLaw Supreme Court database (something I was doing last night before I went to sleep). For some reason a case from the New York Supreme Court (really the New York Court of Appeals) pops up. I am so confused. I didn’t recognize any of the Judges’ name, and the opinion was (exactly) 352 pages long. I got mad at WestLaw because they were messing up my research. I didn’t care about NY courts.

Anyway, feel free to mock away.