Why is Justice Scalia a Catcher on his Greenbag Supreme Court Slugger Card?

August 3rd, 2011

If anything, I see Scalia as the designated hitter. He doesn’t really fit in with the team, comes to bat once in a while to hit it out of the park, and most fans would prefer he didn’t exist. Though the idea of Roberts as Ump, and Nino behind the plate is kinda cool. Anyway, the ABA Journal has the scoop:

Released this month is the Justice Antonin Scalia card, with the justice on the cover donning the same hitter’s pose seen on the classic card of 1920s-40s Hall of Fame catcher Rick Ferrell, known as the game’s best knuckleball catcher.

Surrounding Scalia, whose decisions rely on the Constitutional founders, are the iconic drawings of George Washington (wearing the starched collar of famed Athletics manager Connie Mack), James Madison and Alexander Hamilton.

The card was created by artist John A. Sargent III; Green Bag editor-in-chief and George Mason University law professor Ross Davies; and Sluggers editor Craig Rust, a George Mason alum who assembled the daunting list of Scalia’s SCOTUS agate on the flip side.

Update: I should note that my talented Harlan Institute colleague Adam Aft was also involved in compiling the statistics for this card. Good job!