The Internet is dead. Long live the internet.

July 14th, 2011

Apparently the New York Times no longer capitalizes internet (that may be Bill Keller’s doing).

It hasn’t happened yet in the lower 48, Alaska, or Hawaii, but it’s bound to happen soon: major style guides lowercasing the word “Internet.” And on that day when the style desks of The New York Times and the Associated Press finally issue a press release about the need to start lowercasing Internet in all news articles, headlines, and blogs, we will know that America has finally woken up to web-based reality. We don’t capitalize words like Radio or Television or Motion Pictures anymore, do we? Once, of course, we did. Now, we know better. However, regarding the Internet, we are still behind the curve, behind the British, lost in capitalization land. The Guardian and the BBC websites got it right, long ago. We need to play catch up. Now.

I remember on some project I did in college (circa 2003) I failed to capitalize internet and the teacher corrected me. My understanding of grammar has always been crappy, but technically, I was ahead of the curve!

I also wont put a hyphen between email anymore.

No when crossposted is one word, I know we’re in the future.