Google Incorrectly Listing a Woman’s House as an Entrance to a State Park: It’s a Jersey Thing!

July 11th, 2011

It turns out Google maps directed people to Laurie Gneidling’s home in order to enter a New Jersey State park. #NJFAIL


Fearing an increase in traffic for July 4th weekend, Gneiding said she made a new sign on a sheet of plywood. It sits at the bottom of the driveway, saying, “NOT Park Entrance… Private Driveway… Google Maps is wrong!”

When she tried to report the problem to Google, here’s what happened:

So in mid-May, when a friendly motorist with a bicycle rack and New York plates told Gneiding his directions came from Google Maps, she was hopeful.

Gneiding used the site’s “Report a problem” tool on May 21, requesting a correction.

She received a response on June 3 in which the error was noted. Google said the directions would be corrected and she’d be contacted when the fix was in.

Time passed and she heard nothing, so she emailed four more times. Twice she received no response, and twice, an auto-reply.

More than six weeks after her initial complaint — at least through the July 4th weekend — state park visitors continued to head up her driveway seeking the park. That’s when she contacted Bamboozled.

We called Google Maps to see if it could hurry the fix.

A spokeswoman said Google is on the case, but she couldn’t offer any guidance on timing.

“It often depends on the type of change and how extensive it might be,” said Deanna Yick.

In other words, Gneiding and her neighbors will have to wait it out.

This is why I am am no so confident about allowing Google to manage privacy takedown requests on Street View.

And, on the topic of Jersey, I will have a cool Op-Ed coming out in tomorrow’s Newark Star Ledger, co-authored with someone you know, on a topic you know something about. Tease. It’s a Jersey Thing! More details later.