Chicago to Allow Construction of Gun Ranges within City Limits

July 2nd, 2011

From the Chicago Sun TImes:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel will introduce an ordinance next week to allow gun ranges to operate in Chicago.

To obtain a gun permit in Chicago, residents must now travel to a suburban gun range to complete a mandated firearms training course.

The city is currently facing a federal lawsuit saying the city’s ban of gun ranges in the city has created a burden for those seeking a Chicago gun permit.

The new ordinance should address the concerns raised in the lawsuit, officials say.

The proposed ordinance limits gun ranges to areas zoned for manufacturing. Outdoor ranges would be banned.

Anyone opening a gun range would have to obtain a gun permit from the city and obtain approval from the Chicago Police Department for a safety plan.


I’m not sure what effect this will have on Ezell v. Chicago, a suit currently pending in the 7th Circuit challenging the lack of any gun ranges in Chicago in light of the City’s requirement that firearm permit applicants undergo training at a range.

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