Oh sweet Google Irony. Street View Car Doesn’t Like to be Photographed

June 30th, 2011

What good is omniviellance if you can’t photograph Google!

From City Room:

I spied the car two years ago on West 15th Street and asked the driver for a ride-along. He declined. I wound up writing an article about the car’s task of photographing New York City.

As I was driving Wednesday morning I saw the Google car again, heading east on East 68th Street. It passed my car and I quickly snapped a blurry picture, and the driver — looked like a guy in his 40s — saw me driving after him to try to take another. It was tougher than you’d think.

I could swear the driver was trying to lose me. First, he stopped dead in a flowing traffic lane on Lexington and waited for a few moments. I stopped too, but was in no position to photograph him.

Then he zipped down Lexington and the chase was on!