The Chief’s Social Media Policy

June 28th, 2011

DC Dicta reports that Chief Justice Roberts does not permit any “tweet[ing], whatever that is” from his clerks:

One of those rules: no Tweeting about the job.

“I sit down with incoming clerks at the beginning of the year,  as soon as we get back,” Roberts explained to the audience in remarks that weretelevised on C-SPAN, “ and go through a number of things they have to be aware of, and that’s one of them. It’s new. I tell them that they obviously shouldn’t be tweeting about what they’re doing, whether they have websites or whatever.”

“A lot of it is inadvertent,” Roberts said. “They kind of think ‘well, I’m working really hard on this opinion this week, or getting ready for an argument.’ And you know, discerning people can look at that they are saying and try to put two and two together and figure out, maybe, what their boss is doing and all that. So even unintentionally they can sometimes reveal confidences. And, of course that’s very dangerous. So I advise them to just put all that on hold.”

Good to know.