Justice Scalia Proposes “Law-Office Betting Pool.” What about FantasySCOTUS!

June 27th, 2011

In his dissent from denial of cert in Derby v. United States, Justice Scalia speculated about the unpredictable outcome of the next ACCA challenge following Sykes v. United States.

How we would resolve these cases if we granted certio- rari would be a fine subject for a law-office betting pool. No one knows for sure. . . .

And of course given our track record of adding a new animal to our bestiary of ACCA residual-clause standards in each of the four suc- cessive cases we have thus far decided, see ante, at 2–4 (SCALIA, J., dissenting), who knows what new beasties our fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth tries would produce?

Surely a perfectly fair wager.

May I suggest Justice Scalia check out FantasySCOTUS. This term we predicted nearly 70% of the cases correctly. And if Justice Scalia wants to know how the case should come out, he, or his clerks, can certainly check out our prediction tracker for hints!

Though, for what it’s worth, FantasySCOTUS missed Sykes v. United States, which as Justice Scalia intimated, was rather unpredictable!