40 Years After New York Times v. United States, The DoD releases the Pentagon Papers

June 7th, 2011

In a somewhat meta article, the Times reports that the DoD has declassified the Pentagon Papers, 40 years after the landmark Supreme Court case, New York Times v. United States. The Times finds this delayed release silly at this point.

At first blush, it sounds like the releaseof one of the worst-kept secrets in history — finally unlocking the barn door four decades after the horses bolted. The study, after all, has already been published by The Times and other newspapers, resulting in a landmark First Amendment decision by the Supreme Court. It has been released in book form more than once. But it turns out that those texts have been incomplete: When all 7,000 pages are released Monday, officials say, the study can finally be read in its original form.

That it took until the era of Wikileaks for the government to declassify the Pentagon Papers struck some participants as, to say the least, curious.

Happy Anniversary fragmented opinion that no one knows what the heck it means!