Security Checkpoints are for the Little People. Condé Nast VIPs exempt from regular screenings at 1 World Trade Center.

May 17th, 2011

The Port Authority reached an agreement to lease 20 floors of 1 World trade Center to Condé Nast. The venerable firm had concerns about whether its VIPs and famous black cars would have easy access to the facility.

Besides matters of costs, terms and incentives, the negotiations involved reams of traffic studies and security discussions, to ensure that its black cars (more than 100), its racks of designer dresses and its well-shod executives would be able to swiftly pass each day through the police-imposed security zone that is to surround the complex.

No worries says the Port Authority, which agreed to make exceptions to security checkpoints.

Condé Nast executives drilled down to the finest details to understand the building and the site, pondering what would happen if, for instance, a Ralph Lauren wanted to pull up to the building in a limousine. Would he be able to get in? To give them comfort, Port Authority executives provided extensive traffic studies for both black cars and delivery vehicles, with data on vehicular flows and travel times from Brooklyn, the Upper East and West Sides and Jersey City.

After much planning, officials assured Condé Nast that its armada of black cars, and their drivers, could be prescreened by the police for regular access via a route that goes south on Washington or Greenwich Streets and east on Vesey Street to reach 1 World Trade Center.

It’s good to be famous.