Omniveillance at Wembley

May 17th, 2011

At Wembley Stadium in the UK, Jeffrey Martin created a gigapixel photograph of all 90,000 fans attending the FA Cup Final. This gigapixel image is truly astounding. You can zoom in with amazing clarity to see every single person in the stadium. Plus, using Facebook connect, you can tag yourself in the photograph. The photos are not blurred, so I’m sure Facebook could tag the photos largely without human assistance.

This eerily combines several of the predictions I made in Omniveillance. Massive cameras that can photograph everyone in a public place, and tagging technology used to identify who the people are. Currently this technology is quite expensive and time consuming, but soon enough it will be more readily available. Plus, this technology lends itself to streaming video. I can certainly see something like this being installed in Times Square to record everyone, everywhere, while tagging individuals.