New Second Amendment Foundation Suit in the District of Columbia

May 12th, 2011

The Washington Times has an editorial about a suit recently filed by the Second Amendment Fondation in the District of Columbia. Kinda cool, but the graphic they include in the Op-Ed is the same graphic they created for an editorial Ilya Shapiro and I published last year, titled Using Guns to Protect Liberty. I would note that the graphic applies to McDonald v. Chicago, as it mentions the 14th Amendment. it doesn’t really apply to D.C., where the 2nd Amendment applies directly. Here is a sample of the editorial:

That’s because the District manipulated its zoning laws to ensure gun brokers would not be welcome. With no gun stores, the only way to obtain a pistol lawfully is to make a purchase in another state and have the gun shipped to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder in the District. A federal law prohibits acquisition of a firearm across state lines in any other way.

The lone FFL holder doing business in Washington recently lost his lease and can no longer perform such transfers. That left D.C. resident Michelle Lane in the lurch after she ordered Kahr K9 and Ruger LCR handguns from a dealer in Lorton last month. The Second Amendment Foundation filed the federal court challenge on her behalf, arguing that she is being denied equal protection of the laws because of where she lives.

This suit may benefit from my scholarship on applying the equal protection clause to the Second Amendment (see here and here).