What’s so bad about self-promotion on a blog?

May 10th, 2011

On PrawfsBlawg and the Faculty Lounge, several professors are debating whether it is appropriate for a Prof to self-promote on a blog. This discussion was spurred by a comment from the aptly named AnonProf:

“I would appreciate it if Prawfs didn’t invite guest commentators who use this blog to pimp their work.”

Some people need to chill out.

My blog is purely an exercise in self-indulgence and self-promotion. Note that I do not even call it shameless self-promotion. There is nothing shameless about it. It is prideful, if anything.

Most academics toil in obscurity, and no one reads their articles. If some Professors and likeminded individuals have developed an audience, why shouldn’t they speak to that audience.

If AnonProf doesn’t like shameless self-promotion, perhaps he should avoid reading blogs.

As I’ve noted many times, I don’t write to be read. I write because I have certain things I want to say that I think will interest people. Whether anyone reads it or not, I frankly don’t care. But if someone chooses to read my blog, they do so on my terms, not theirs. There is no heckler veto on the blogosphere.