Royal Wedding to Block All Wireless Devices

April 27th, 2011

I couldn’t give a rats ass about the royal wedding. But, when the Westminster Abbey installs signal-jamming technology to block all wireless devices, I take note.¬†As the official social media coordinator of the libertarian nerd nirvana wedding of the season, I take umbrage to this ludditism.

From Yahoo News:

The royal wedding will be a tweet-free zone on Friday morning after event organizers arranged for signal-blocking technology to be installed at Westminster Abbey.

It was feared that with 1,900 people inside the church, including royals, celebrities, and members of the general public, there would be a risk of guests using their phones to use Twitter to send information from the Abbey ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials.

The move was suggested by senior members of the royal family and approved by police and security personnel over the last few days, and also met with the approval of television broadcasters keen to avoid any unfortunate sightings of guests on their phones — or even untimely ringtones disrupting the service.

A police official confirmed to Yahoo! on Wednesday that the blocking technology will be in place from early Friday morning and will remain switched on for the entirety of the ceremony.

The entire service will be streamed live on YouTube. There will be millions of “media” there broadcasting. Why limit Tweeters? Do you really think anyone important enough to receive an invite to the wedding will forget to put his or her phone on vibrate?

I wonder if satellite based communications (which operate on a totally different frequency from cellular transmissions) will work? I’m sure some enterprising Tweeters will figure this out. In fact, I will follow that Tweeter for his V-for-Vendetta-esque spirit. Call him @GuyFawkesTweets

H/T Gizmodo