Law Professor Shoves Student who Didn’t Respect His Authoritay

April 19th, 2011

I know Professors are supposed to push students to their limit, but this is ridiculous. This Prof may be taking lessons from the Eric Cartman school of discipline. From the Gainseville Sun:

A University of Florida law professor was suspended last month for pushing a student.

Kenneth Nunn, who teaches criminal law, received a week’s suspension with pay for the Dec. 10 incident.  An investigation by UF’s Office of Human Resource Services found that Nunn shoved the student after a dispute over the use of a classroom.

Levin College of Law Dean Robert Jerry called the incident “inappropriate and unprofessional” in a letter to Nunn, threatening possible termination if such an incident happened again.

“This kind of behavior is not acceptable,” Jerry said in the letter.

Nunn did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The incident happened Dec. 10 when Nunn’s class of about 100 students was scheduled to take an exam in the Holland Law Center.

Nunn mistakenly thought the class was assigned to three rooms, including a room where about six other students were taking a tax exam, according to the investigation. Nunn’s students interrupted the other class until one of the tax students placed a trash can in front of the classroom with a sign that read “exam.”

The tax student, who was not identified in the report, later told Nunn “it was atrocious how you handled that.” The student told an investigator Nunn then got in his face and pushed him full force using both hands, before saying, “I’m a law professor and deserve respect.” A witness confirmed Nunn pushed the student.

The investigation substantiated the allegation and found that Nunn violated UF policy on misconduct. He waived his right to appeal and was suspended March 7, returning to work March 14.

Jerry’s letter said he expected Nunn, who joined the law faculty in 1990, to conduct himself in a professional manner in the future.

“I am confident that you will. But I must inform you that the recurrence of similar behavior will lead to the imposition of more severe discipline, possibly up to and including the termination of your employment,” Jerry said in the letter.

Do not get in the way of a Professor on a power trip. You may get injured.

Exam time is so stressful. I can’t imagine something like this happening during the administration of a final.

H/T Bridget Crawford.