Omniveilling “Street Photographers” Prove that No Right to Privacy Exists in Public

April 17th, 2011

You have no privacy in public. Get over it. And a group of artists who are photographing everyone and everything in public are proving that quit well.

From GIzmodo:

It’s totally legal and entirely creepy. A gaggle of gentlemen, armed with cameras and an absence of shame, have taken residence in Boston’s Downtown Crossing snapping what they claim are artful “street photography” pictures of everyday people. Oh, and upskirts.

Again, it’s totally legal, but apparently the difference between what’s legal and what’s pervy is about as gray an area as you’re going to find in the public photography world. In a WBZ News tipster’s video, for example, one of these totally normal gents bends over behind a group of young women and snaps a picture of what the reporter describes as areas of bare skin. So, just some good clean wholesome photography fun going on in my state capital, is what it is.

Update: If this post is accurate, the above story may be represent journalism at its worst. H/T Ted Frank.