Note to prospective murderers: Do not search for places to dump the body on Google maps, because the FBI will find it

April 14th, 2011

Brad Cooper, accused of murdering his wife, apparently scouted Google Maps for a place to bury the body, and the state  used his Internet history to build the case against him. From Gizmodo:

Police believe that in the days prior to murdering his wife, Brad Cooper used the website to scout dumping places for his wife’s body. When FBI agent Chris Chappell was going through Cooper’s computer in September 2008, they looked at they looked at the autofill form history in the Google Maps search bar and found he had searched for the ZIP code 21578 (where the Coopers lived). Then they went through the browsing history and cached files, they found that Cooper had zoomed in on the same speciic area where his wife’s body would later be discovered by a random pedestrian.

Is there anything Google can’t do?