The Wisdom of the Crowds on StubHub show that @CharlieSheen’s Show is #notwinning

April 5th, 2011

Chris Lund has an interest post at PrawfsBlawg, document that the price of Charlie Sheen tickets on Stubhub has plummeted following his dismal show in Detroit. But, after a recent show that went well the price rebounded.

From the IBTimes:

After the unfortunate performance in Detroit tickets for his show at Radio City Music Hall dropped to $24 on Monday morning, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter.

Within 24 hours, though, ticket prices bounced back up to $40 and $42 for his New York City shows.

According to The Hollywood Reporter there are a good number of seats left. There are 1,127 tickets left for $42 and 1,587 for tickets priced at $40.

This is still quite a low cost considering their initial face value was $126.

Lund notes that StubHub serves as an barometer of Charlie’s #winning.

One of the things I love aboutStubHub is that it acts as a moral compass for me about what’s popular and what’s not.  (Okay, it’s not a moral compass, but whatever.)  Tickets for really popular events sell for way more than the ticket’s face value; tickets for unpopular events sell for way less than the ticket’s face value.  Prices float around, acting as crude popularity barometers.  Efficient-markets people must love this stuff.

Yep. Love it!

Markets like Stubhub, or FantasySCOTUS, aggregate popular sentiments, and show what large groups of people think about a certain case–in this case how much people value Sheen’s madness.