Yes, the Harlan Institute is developing a Constitution Theme Park, “Constitution Land.”

April 1st, 2011

Check out the press release for “Constitution Land” here. This will be epic.

Update: Thanks to Randy Barnett at Volokh Conspiracy for linking to the release for “Constitution Land.” I am fielding a number of inquiries about the park. Please drop me a line if you wish to get involved.

Update #2: Mike Sacks, a/k/a First One @ One First, did an interview with me earlier this morning about Constitution Land. Check it out here.

Update #3: You know an April Fool’s joke is really good when people take it seriously. So, to clarify, this mock release issued on April 1, 2011 is nothing but satire, a joke, a ruse. Neither I, nor the Harlan Institute, has any intention of building this theme park. However, if you are interested in learning more about a Constitution Theme Park, check out, an interesting virtual theme park devoted to the United States Constitution.