Volokh Conspiracy Drinking Games

March 20th, 2011

I have already devised a drinking game for Randy Barnett’s blog posts–take a shot whenever he uses the word “unprecedented.” Why not create ┬ádrinking games for some of the other Volokh conspirators. How do these sound?

  • Ilya Somin- take a shot when he uses the phrase “political ignorance”
  • David Bernstein- take a shot when he writes about Human Rights Watch
  • Eugene Volokh- take a shot when he finds the reasoning of some lower court opinion no one has ever read “unpersuasive”
  • Jonathan Adler- take a shot when he posts the lyrics of a song no one has ever heard of
  • Orin Kerr- take a shot when someone else mischaracterizes or misunderstands one of his posts
  • Todd Zywicki- take a shot for every mention of Dodd-Frank
  • Dave Kopel- take a shot whenever he writes about some local matter in Colorado
  • John Elwood- take a shot whenever he writes about Supreme Court relists or OLC

I don’t quite know enough about the other conspirators who don’t post regularly–those I’ve dubbed the lost conspirators–to make drinking games. Am I missing any others?