Egyptians creating local armed militias

January 30th, 2011

CNN reports here.

Until recently, Seif Awad worked a day job as an account manager for Cisco.

But since Saturday he has begun volunteering at nights, protecting his neighborhood with a volunteer defense squad of young male neighbors armed with makeshift weapons. Last night he armed himself with a big stick. On Sunday, Awad bought gasoline canisters and started making Molotov cocktails.

“If anyone comes on the street we’re going to throw those at them,” Awad said. “And I have a friend here who has a gun.”

Real estate broker Karim Amer armed himself with a kitchen knife Saturday night and joined his own hastily formed neighborhood militia.

“People are much more organized today,” Amer said. “We’ve got people with whistles now. Different neighborhood corners have agreed to different whistles to signal for help.”

I wonder what Egyptian gun control laws look like?

Update: Thanks for the link Instapundit!