Judge Finds Festivus Claim Is A Hoax

December 16th, 2010

I blogged that a California Judge granted a prisoner kosher meals in honor of his celebration of Festivus (a fictional holiday popularized by Seinfeld). Turns out that the Judge found that story to be a hoax. From Religion Clause:

So King’s attorney, Fred Thiagarajah, responded “Festivus,” the artificial holiday popularized on the Seinfeld show. Dutifully, the judge issued an order that “the defendant is to receive a high protein no salami diet three times per day for ‘Festivism’.”  Apparently the Orange County Sheriff’s Office did not realize what had happened until they looked up Festivus on Wikipedia. They then asked King what his religion was, and he responded “Healthism.” It then took county lawyers several months to get the order overturned.  King was released in October, but he is now in federal custody pending a deportation hearing. He is suspected of being in the country illegally from Liberia. (Orange County Register).

I know what King will be upset about at this year’s airing of grievances.