The Wooden Declaration of Independence

November 13th, 2010

The adjective “wooden” is pejoratively used to describe a strict, and often rigid, interpretation of a text. This “wooden” version of the Declaration of Independence, however, is pretty cool.

From Woodworking Tooltips (no I do not read this blog, but saw a link on Gizmodo):

For the last decade, Kested has regularly sequestered himself away in his basement workshop, carefully carving, letter by letter, every single line of the Declaration of Independence out of dark walnut wood.

But throughout the years, the whirring of the blade of his scroll saw has remained constant, as has Kested’s unfailing patience for his work.

The massive piece, which is nearly as tall as Kested himself, was finally completed several months ago. It’s an exact wood model of the Declaration of Independence, right down to the flourish of John Hancock’s signature at the bottom. The dark walnut words are a stark contrast against the Baltic birch background.

These pictures are impressive.