Use Chrome? Will Give You a Lower Interest Rate on a Car Loan

November 2nd, 2010

From the Consumerist:

Devin says Capital One’s online car loan rates differ depending on which browser you use to go loan-hunting. Apparently the bank’s loan-offering robot doesn’t think much of Firefox users.

I checked my credit union first and they currently are offering 3.99%. Not bad, but about a week ago Capital One had sent me an email advertising a 3.10% rate. I went to check the website using my default browser (Firefox 4 Beta 6) and noticed it was at 3.5%.

I figured it had just gone up since I received the email. I tried to use their little payment calculator but the flash based widget wouldn’t work properly in the Firefox Beta so I loaded up Safari to try and funny enough the rate offered was 2.7%. I checked in Chrome and Opera to see if it was maybe just something wrong with the Firefox beta and Chrome’s rate was 2.3% while Opera’s was 3.1%.

To recap:

  • Chrome- 2.3%
  • Safari- 2.7%
  • Opera 3.1%
  • FIrefox – 3.5%

Invidious browser discrimination! This inequality cannot stand.

H/T Gizmodo