Connick v. Thompson: Justice Scalia on giving guns to lawyers

October 6th, 2010

From arguments today in Connick v. Thompson:

JUSTICE SCALIA: These are people who haven’t gone to law school, right?
MR. DUNCAN: That’s correct.
JUSTICE SCALIA: And do not know that you cannot apply deadly force in most circumstances?
MR. DUNCAN: They’ve got no background equipment to know what the constitutional standard is. And so that satisfies, in a general situation -JUSTICE
SCALIA: If you were giving guns to lawyers, it might have been different.
MR. DUNCAN: It could be, Your Honor. Here, you’re giving -JUSTICE
SCALIA: Depending on the law school they went to or what?
MR. DUNCAN: It could be.

As long as no duck-hunting is involved , I think we’re ok: