Penguins on a Slippery Slope

September 21st, 2010

Tonight I was drafting a sample blog post for My aim was to write about the slippery slope of censorship in Snyder v. Phelps in the words of a 17 year old. Somehow, I began to write about penguins. Check out the post here:

It is very important to protect both popular, and unpopular speech. If we fail to protect unpopular speech, we begin to slide down a slippery slope to censorship. To understand a slippery slope, think of a penguin standing close to the edge of an iceberg. After the penguin takes a step, he slips and slides a little toward the edge of the iceberg. Even if he takes a small step, each additional step brings him closer to the edge. Soon, the penguin cannot stop his slide, and he falls into the water.

For the definitive treatment of slippery slopes, see Eugene Volokh’s classic article.