More Baptists and Stoners for California Marijuana Legalization

September 14th, 2010

CNN has an article about the potential legalization of marijuana in California.

California is hardly homogenous, but marijuana legalization makes politics downright confusing in a state where the sides are sometimes flipped. Here, some ex-cops, state assemblymen and billionaire businessmen favor legalization, while there are pot growers and dealers who want to keep it outlawed.

Experts say predicting the ballot’s outcome is impossible because special interests for both sides will storm the state ahead of the vote, hoping to pull fence-straddlers into their camps.

Here, we see more evidence of theĀ Baptists and Stoners. Those who oppose this legalization are (1) those morally opposed ot pot (the baptists), and those who can make high profits off of the illegal sale of pot (the bootleggers, err, stoners).