Scalia to Professoriate: Focus More Teaching, Not Writing

September 9th, 2010

Justice Scalia spoke at the dedication of Ray and Kay Eckstein Hall, Marquette University Law School’s new $85 million building, and had this to say to the law school professors:

“The reality is that the part of your academic career that will have the most lasting impact and that will be remembered after you are long gone is those hours you spent producing a living intellectual legacy in the classroom,” Scalia said. “I hope Marquette will always be a teaching law school.”

So would that make you the darling of the professoriate😕

Scalia is right on the money here. As a recent law school graduate, and a current teaching fellow, I realize the significance of preparing for class and ensuring that students learn. This is a job I take very seriously, and as all teachers should.

Though, Scalia shouldn’t be so quick to knock law review articles. I wonder where Scalia would be if not for the scholarly navel gazing that set the stage for the originalism revolution in the 1980s and 1990s?

HT DC Dicta