Woman Tied Up By Home Invader Typed “HELP. Call police” E-Mail With Her Toes. I’m suspicious.

August 3rd, 2010

From CNN:

An armed burglar entered her Atlanta home in the early morning hours and tied Windom’s hands to the headboard of her bed, police said.

When the man finally left — taking her car and cell phone, among other items — Windom wondered how she would free herself of her bindings.

“I had a lot of time to think about ‘MacGyver’ moments,” she said.

Fortunately, the man did not take her laptop, which lay within reach of Windom’s feet.

“I dragged my laptop over and with my feet I pried it open,” she said.

She then typed a message to her boyfriend, who happened to be online. “HELP. Call police,” the message read.

I am suspicious.

How did did she manage to capitalize the word “HELP”?  Did she struggle  to press the cap locks key, or did she hold down the shift key with her left big toe while typing with her right big toe? Also, why did she add a period after help. Is punctuation so important when under gun point? And she managed to capitalize the C in “Call”? Really? And why type “police” instead of a shorter word like “cops.” Hell, why did she even bother putting spaces between the words. This seems like too much effort of a person who is bound up and has trouble typing. And no typos? I can hardly type a sentence quickly under pressure with my fingers without making an error. She managed to type a perfect message with her toes? And she had never typed with her toes before? If she made a typo did she press backspace? Really?

I think my distress text would be:


I don’t know. This seems fishy. But the local police aren’t concerned:

Campos told CNN that there is no evidence to believe Windom’s story is a hoax, although all elements of the incident are under investigation.

I wonder if one can pull a trigger with one’s toes. Though probably too hard to aim.