WaPo Restaurant Reviewer Gives Supreme Cafeteria an F

July 14th, 2010

The Washington Post ran a feature grading all of the cafeterias in the Federal Government, and paid a trip to the Supreme Court Cafeteria (I will avoid quibbling that Article III is not part of the “Federal Government,” as that is limited to Article I agencies.)

In short, they really really didn’t like it.

They gave it an F. F for Fail.

This food should be unconstitutional, we agreed, as my two companions and I sat in the court’s sparsely populated dining area, examining the wan offerings we’d just received.

The biggest hit? The reduced-fat bag of potato chips served with the veggie burger.

Can you eat healthfully here? Not so much. But you can cut your calorie intake, because chances are, you won’t end up eating much of anything at all.


I have eaten there a few times, and was quite disappointed. Maybe the Chief can do something about this, now that the doors are forever sealed.

H/T J.P.J.D. No. Esq.