Instant Analysis: United States v. Skoien

July 13th, 2010

Update: For more on Skoien, and the Court’s epic failure in Heller and McDonald, check out this post.

The 7th Circuit sitting issued a significant en banc opinion in United States v. Skoien considering the prohibition on the possession of guns by persons previously convicted of domestic violence misdemeanor. The 7th Circuit Panel, by Judge Sykes, previously suggested  that the categorical prohibition may have violated the Second Amendment. Writing for the En Banc court, Judge Easterbrook held that the ban does not violate the Constitution, under Heller and McDonald.

This is a very significant case that should have rippling implications, and may wind its way up to SCOTUS in the near future.

Update (8/5/10): I apologize but WordPress ate this really lengthy post.