Law School Applications Rise Despite Shrinking Job Market

July 12th, 2010

This is sad news from the AmLaw Daily.

You’d think a shrinking legal job market in the U.S. would discourage people from applying to law school. But, according to The National Law Journal, a sibling publication, quite the opposite is happening. Law school applications increased 7 percent nationwide and the number of applicants moved up 3 percent for this fall’s incoming classes.

At some schools, the applicant pool has grown by 30 percent or more–the University of Alabama School of Law saw a 70 percent jump, the University of Maine School of Law’s applicant numbers rose 65 percent, and Cornell Law School’s increased by 50 percent.

What part of economics do law student applicants not understand? This bright-eyed 1L really does not get it.

“I’m obviously about to take on a lot of debt. I’m hoping by the time I get out of law school the job climate will be better,” said 21-year-old Arline Laurer, who’ll enroll at University of Toledo College of Law next month.

Good luck.