Fastest Man on Earth Shrugs

July 12th, 2010

Usain Bolt will not compete in a race in Great Britain due to onerous Brittish tax rules.

From ESPN:

“I’m definitely not going to run [in Crystal Palace],” Bolt said Monday.

Bolt’s agent Ricky Simms told The Associated Press the British tax law stipulates that foreign sports stars have to pay taxes on their worldwide endorsements, a situation that “in recent sports has kept a lot of the big stars in other sports away from Britain.”

According to British newspaper the Daily Mail, if Bolt competes once in Britain and only five races elsewhere, the British tax will demand one-sixth of his global earnings.

Simms said it was unlikely Bolt will compete in Britain again unless the country changes its tax rules.

“He will earn a lot less by competing in Britain if he maintains his current endorsement level,” he said, adding that the rules did not apply to the Olympics. London will host the 2012 Games.

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