Toy Story 3 and Liberty from the Right Coast

June 27th, 2010

Tom Smith at the Right Coast also commented on the themes of liberty and freedom in Toy Story 3:

If you are a kid movie consumer, you should go see Toy Story 3.  The market agrees with me, appropriately enough. (Some spoilers ahead.)  How often will you see a movie from Disney that affirms private property, republican-libertarian principles and cleverly undermines collectivist cant?  Somebody got off the reservation at the Mouse. Or maybe it’s Pixar that’s responsible for the goodness? (The Disney/Pixar combo also did The Incredibles, another libertarian, almost Randian classic) Or maybe this is a sign of a tectonic shift in the American zeitgeist.

Tom echoes my previous post on the liberty themes in this wonderful movie.

This movie was a proud endorsement of autonomy and self-determination, and a paean to liberty and freedom.

I laugh because I began typing that post on the ride home from the movie theater (no I was not driving). My friends scoffed at me for finding such themes in a movie for kids. Hah! Vindicated 🙂