HLS Flashback from 1900: Student goes insane during Con Law Final, Dies from “Overstudy”

April 26th, 2010

Good luck with finals everyone. From the NY Times, June 8, 1900.

H/T Fun Things, and  Brian A. on Facebook.

Update: The same story from the Chicago Daily Tribune on June 8, 1900. This articles notes that while taking the exam, he “put his hands to his head and began to shout ‘Constitutional Law!'” I wish I knew the fact pattern caused this student’s untimely demise.

H/T to Michael M. for finding this article.

Update: Here is a link to Mr. Parker’s obituary in the Harvard Crimson.

Update 5/4/11:

I have located the Harvard Law School constitutional law exam from 1900 that caused poor William Thornton Parker, Jr. to die from overstudy.

Good luck with finals everyone. No matter how bad it gets, William got it worse.

H/T Commenter David.