and the Harlan Institute Teacher Advisory Network

April 5th, 2010 has been a great success by all measures. In addition to avid court watchers, several dozen teachers from across the country have incorporated into their lesson plans to teach about civics, government, the law, and political science. The Harlan Institute has been in contact with a number of these teachers, who have asked for a version of FantasySCOTUS geared towards high school students. For the 2010-11 academic year, the Harlan Institute aims to do just that, and we will launch in September 2010. will be a Supreme Court fantasy league targeted towards high school classes that teach about the Supreme Court, the Constitution, and civics. The site will be free for all teachers and students to use.

During the October 2010 Supreme Court term, the Harlan Institute will select several cases. These cases will be of special interest to students, and focus primarily on constitutional issues, though other significant non-constitutional cases will also be considered. Each class will submit predictions for these ten cases, speculating as to the outcome of the case (Affirm or Reverse/Vacate), the split, and the Justices in the majority and in the dissent.

To learn more about check out the Teacher Resources page at the Harlan Institute web site or download the PowerPoint presentation.

The Harlan Institute is searching for teachers to serve on the Teacher Advisory Network. Members of the Network will be integral in shaping our curriculums, designing our lesson plans, and planning software tools. Their input is critical to the development of our programs for the upcoming school year. If you are interested in participating in the Teacher Advisory Network, please contact [email protected].