Why do all economic liberty cases involve food? Or, how to cater a Libertarian Wedding.

March 22nd, 2010

A good friend, who is a prominent libertarian lawyer, just got engaged. I was joking with him about how we could cater his wedding:

We will order the Roast Chicken from the A.L.A. Schecter Corp, the Steak from the Crescent City Slaughter-House, the cake from the Lochner Bakery, the groceries from Nebbia, bread made from Fillburn’s wheat, have some delicious Carolene Products filled milk, and Heald’s vineyard can provide the wine.¬†And maybe when everyone’s done Angel Raich can provide some of her choice product for the after-party.

But then I realized that almost every economic liberty case involves food. Why is this? What is it about food? I suppose that food is a prototypical instance where the health/safety rationale kicks in. Anyway, random observation.