My McDonald Media Coverage Recap

March 3rd, 2010

The past 48 hours have been a blitz, and I have not been blogging as assiduously as I would have liked, but here is a brief recap of some of the media coverage of me and my blog:

New York Times [Adam Liptak took my Fantasy SCOTUS “Czar” line slightly out of context, but I’ll let it slide 🙂 ]

Josh Blackman was walking around telling people about his blog, which allows people to make predictions about how the term’s cases will come out. “I’m the czar of Fantasy Scotus,” he said by way of introduction, adding that he had recently barred three people from his site for cheating.

Reason Magazine

I’ll be writing a full account of what went on today and its likely meaning that should be up at Reason Online in a couple of days, but for those eager for a quick blow-by-blow by a very educated 2nd and 14th Amendment maven, Josh Blackman, do go read what he had to say about what happened this morning.

Daily Caller

Josh Blackman, president of the Harlan Institute, told The Daily Caller that a victory for McDonald is imminent. “Either way they go,” Blackman said, in reference to the two arguments the court heard Tuesday for incorporating Heller through the Privileges or Immunities Clause or substantive due process, “the gun law will be struck down.”

Plus links from Volokh, SCOTUSBlog, How Appealing (here and here), Legal Theory Blog (though Professor Solum mispelled my last name, quite tragically, as Blackmun), Above The Law, and more.

And major shout outs to my buddy, Mike Sacks, a/k/a First One @ One First. We hung out all night long at 1 First, and had a blast.