JoshCast: Lecture on History of the Fourth Amendment, Including George Mason, VA Declaration of RIghts, Exclusionary Rule, and Terry

February 12th, 2010

For the first 6 minutes, I give an overview of the history of the Fourth Amendment, focusing on my man, George Mason, the Virginia Declaration of Rights, Writs of Assistance, and sprinkle in a bit of John Locke. I had to make this topic my own. Starting at the 6 minute mark, I go into the text of the Fourth Amendment, and justifications for the exclusionary rule. Around the 30 minute mark I talk about the structural protections of our Constitution, and why it is so important to protect the rights of the accused. At 38:30 I begin a discussion of Terry v. Ohio. Shameless plug for Constitutional Places, Constitutional Faces at 42:00, and a discussion of why there are so many SCOTUS cases that arose from Cleveland.
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