JoshCast of Constitutional Voices: Interview with Robert Corbin, Prosecutor in Miranda v. Arizona

February 10th, 2010

This is a very special JoshCast. As part of my research for Constitutional Places, Constitutional Faces, I have been in touch with many of the people involved in some of the most famous Supreme Court opinions. In addition to obtaining images of Constitutional Places and Constitutional Faces, we are now conducting interviews as part of a new feature series called Constitutional Voices. Constitutional Voices will be a series of audio interviews with individuals associated with each case — including the lawyers involved, the parties themselves, or even descendants of those parties — and will form a living-history compendium of constitutional stories.

I did an interview this morning with Bob Corbin. Bob was the county prosecutor in Phoenix, Arizona in 1966 when the Supreme Court threw out Miranda’s Conviction. Later, Bob became the Attorney General of Arizona. Bob relayed some amazing stories of how they managed to convict Miranda, even without the confession. Also, interesting to note, is the officers did advise Miranda that anything he said could be used against him in a ┬ácourt of law, though they did not advise him of his right to counsel. Enjoy.

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H/T Dave Hardy for putting me in touch with Robert.