Citizens United Instant Analysis: SCOTUS First. Justice Kennedy’s Opinion Uses the Word “BLOG” for the first time! AMK FTW!

January 21st, 2010

On page 49 of the Slip Opinion, Justice Kennedy uses the word Blog:

Soon, however, it may bethat Internet sources, such as blogs and social networking Web sites, will provide citizens with significant informa-tion about political candidates and issues. Yet, ยง441b would seem to ban a blog post expressly advocating the election or defeat of a candidate if that blog were createdwith corporate funds.

I just did a quick search of Westlaw, and this is the FIRST time the Supreme Court has ever used the word blog. As a blogger, I am ecstatic!

Justice Kennedy also cites YouTube!

Modern day movies, television comedies, or skits might portray public officials or public poli-cies in unflattering ways.