Cram for the CA Bar? There’s an App for that. $999 iPhone App gives BarBri some competition

January 18th, 2010

Tired of BarBri’s unfettered bar monopoly? Want to cram for the California bar on your iPhone? There’s an app for that!

Take a look at BarMax (h/t Gizmodo):

BarMax: California Edition. Harvard lawyers teamed with top iPhone developers to produce BarMax, the only complete bar exam prep solution (Essay, MBE, Performance Test, and Flash Cards) available for purchase in the iPhone App Store. Plus it is the only course with 1,371 REAL previous MBE questions, and over 100 REAL previous essay exams.

BarMax is a complete solution and the most thorough yet flexible way to study for the bar exam. Listen to audio lectures right on your iPhone wherever you are. Practice MBE questions or review flashcards on the go. With BarMax, your life will no longer revolve around your bar exam prep course. Instead, your bar exam prep will revolve around you.

Only $999! Thats about 25% of the cost of BarBri, but, willing to roll the dice?