Prediction #10 for 2010 (Partially) Comes True: Google Hacked, We’re Screwed

January 13th, 2010

On New Years Eve, I made a series of predictions for 2010. My prediction #10 was:

Someone will hack Google, releasing all of our personal information, and we will all be really, really screwed.

From the Google Public Policy Blog:

Third, as part of this investigation but independent of the attack on Google, we have discovered that the accounts of dozens of US-, China- and Europe-based Gmail users who are advocates of human rights in China appear to have been routinely accessed by third parties. These accounts have not been accessed through any security breach at Google, but most likely via phishing scams or malware placed on the users’ computers.

Well, my prediction didn’t totally come true, but pretty close. And not bad for 12 days into the new year. Just wait till the ChiComs release some of this info. Then, we will all be really, really screwed.