Georgetown 3L Waits on Line at SCOTUS For Every Case

January 11th, 2010

This dude is pretty cool. Check out the new blog, First One @ One First.  (H/T ATL):

My name is Mike Sacks.  I am a third-year law student at Georgetown interested in legal journalism and the intersection of law and politics.  This semester, I have no morning classes.  As such, I will be taking advantage of living only minutes from the Supreme Court to pursue a rather unorthodox extracurricular activity: reporting from the Court as the first one in line at One First Street.

For every politically salient case from January through April, I will attempt to be at the head of the general admission line.

I admire this guy’s dedication to the Supreme Court, and can’t wait to see some of his first-hand reporting from being the first one at one first st. ne.