Sorry Gilbert Arenas. Heller did not legalize carrying firearms into the Verizon Center.

January 5th, 2010

The holding of D.C. v. Heller was very simple. D.C. could no longer ban the possession of firearms to be kept in a resident’s home. Heller does not touch the right to carry a firearm outside one’s home. Apparently, Washington Wizard star Gilbert Arenas did not get the memo.

Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas says he took unloaded guns from his locker in a “misguided effort to play a joke” on a teammate. Arenas released a written statement Monday after meeting with law enforcement officials. Arenas’ lawyer says the player voluntarily met with prosecutors and detectives and answered every question during a two-hour interview. In his statement, Arenas repeated his assertion that he brought four guns to the Verizon Center to store in his locker in order to get them out of his house and away from his children. He said he mistakenly believed that recent changes in District of Columbia law made it legal for him to store unloaded guns there.

Arenas undoubtedly is referring to Heller here. Amazing how the landmark case, even if misunderstood by this athlete, has made it into the cultural zeitgeist.  But Arenas would be well-served to read Maybe then he could stay out of trouble.

H/T Sentencing Blog