I just shook Michael Moore’s hand; what I would do for my blog

January 1st, 2010

So I was walking down Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, and who do I see chilling at Starbucks?

Michael Moore! He looked a lot less grungy when he is on vacation. No glasses or Detroit hat.

I asked him if I could take a picture, and he graciously said yes. Then he asked me to shake his hand. I did.

We chatted for a moment, and he was very nice. He frequently visited my childhood home of Staten Island when he was young.

I did not ask him about politics, and I did not ask him to record a JoshCast, even though I had my flip video camera with me. This was the pinnacle of my self restraint. (I couldve handed him a constitution and asked him to locate the right to healthcare, but I realize that wouldve been futile)

I will upload the picture later.

And Saturday-Monday I will be at sea, so blogging will be at a standstill.

Happy New Year everyone!